Goat Cottage and Hobbit House.

In the Apennines, Italy


MAPS. Apennine Mountains

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Walking. rambling and cycling is a popular pastime in the Apennine mountains, Italians come up from the towns in the valleys to enjoy the fresh air and scenery. The maps below are only a small selection of routes available and start in the vicinity of Goat Cottage. If you wish you can venture further afield to near by places and of course we will be able to help you select alternative routes.

Ramblers and Walkers

The 10.5 km walk below starts and finishes at Goat Cottage and takes about 3 hours without stops, a great start to the day covering road, field and tracks passing through Cerre Sologno village before going onto tracks and fields.

holiday apennine
apennine terrain
caru satellite view

Below the route takes you to Fonti di Poiano which is about a 2 hours 30 minute walk away. This is a popular destination for locals and if you wish you can stop for lunch at the restaurant and a relax near to the natural springs before setting off again via the return route which should take about the same time to return to Goat Cottage. A round trip of 5 hours without breaks.


The third route Takes you onto tracks through woodland and open fields up towards the summit of monte Caru which has an altitude of 856 mtrs. It is about a 6 km walk and should take about 2 hours through the terrain

Bismantova Rock

This is a must for anyone staying at Goat Cattage. If you have transport or wish to cycle to the rock it is just 15km away. To walk there it would take about 3 hours 30 minutes but if you wish we could provide transport.

appennino vacanza

Fantastic views of the surrounding villages and the town of Castelnuovo nel Monte from the top of Bismantova.

appennino vacanza


Be prepared to work, the mountain tracks are a challenge see Link to off road maps. Or you can use the local road routes which are fairly challenging from the cottage to near by villages and back.